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Zeraph Dylan MooreZeraph Dylan Moore is a Maine-based mixed-media abstract artist obsessed with texture, subtle tonal shifts and brilliant color. His work incorporates acrylics, textured paper, inks, gold and silver leaf, canvas strips and embroidery. In some works, copper scrap is repurposed, shaped, cut and enameled in a kiln, then sewn to the canvas.

In his work, Dylan explores the colors and textures of ecologies, from the coastal estuaries of Maine to the red sandstone formations of Arizona to the green coastal marshes of the Mississippi delta. Dylan is well-travelled across the United States by car, bicycle, and train and has been visually inspired by many diverse ecologies and landscapes encountered there.

Most recently, his work draws from the colors and textures of estuaries, beaches and the intertidal zone. This continues a lifelong fascination with “in-between” and changeable biomes such as marshes, swamps and tidal pools.

Dylan experiences a neuro-immune metabolic illness called CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis). This disease changed his life radically, resulting in a deeper investment in art, spirituality, and simply being present. Most of his work is created in bed, where a special set up allows him to work fluidly in a variety of media. He has documented his experiences with ME/CFS and his healing path through writing published here and across the web.

Dylan lives on Phillips Lake in Dedham, Maine.

Above: Textured paper together with iridescent paints and powders create a painting with a complex relationship to the changing light.

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