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Zeraph Dylan Moore

Koi Trio

Koi Trio by Zeraph Dylan Moore

Size: Trio, 4 x 4 in.
Finish: Glossy
Hanging hardware: Sawtooth
Price: 204 USD
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On view at Schooner Gallery, Milbridge Maine

Trio on 1.5” deep gallery-wrapped canvas. Each painting is 4” x 4” square.

This lustrous trio can be hung vertically or horizontally to fit the space where you wish to hang it. The pieces flow into one another, with bands of very lustrous real bronze, edged with embroidery and softened by the movement of paint and torn, textured paper in the background.

“In Japan, koi symbolizes many good qualities. Known to swim against the current and overcome great obstacles (as mentioned in an old saying), koi symbolize strength, courage, patience, and success through perseverance.” -Toki, “Koi Fish: The Japanese Carp”

Textured paper, torn canvas strips, acrylic, embroidery and bronze suspension on gallery-wrapped canvas.